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Are you fed up with the endless heap of forms, certificates and questions that deeply interfere with your privacy? There is an alternative to banks – choose trusted loan companies and receive money without unnecessary waiting or long, tiring procedures! Regardless of how your credit history, employment status, financial situation looks like, whether you are interested in repayment in installments or at once – a non-bank loan is a perfect solution in case of an emergency!

Non-bank loans – save time

Non-bank loans - save timeNon-bank loans - save time

Money on the account in the shortest possible time, the number of procedures limited to the minimum and the greatest convenience for the customer – a non-bank loan via the Internet in this form means that the loan company must reconcile two seemingly contradictory issues: conducting effective and reliable verification – and to do this as soon as possible. In an ideal situation, the entire procedure should therefore be carried out via the Internet, and in the best cases the money may be on the client’s account the same day.

Is this situation real? And if so – how do companies do what banks need weeks or months for?

Minimum requirements – only a few steps away from money

Minimum requirements - only a few steps away from money

The philosophy is simple – we care about your comfort and convenience, which is why we limit all formalities to the real minimum, and we do not require any data from you other than those that are necessary for positive consideration of the application!

Once you decide that the time has come for a loan without online formalities – you are only 4 steps away from money:

  • Determining the amount and repayment date.
  • Filling out the short form – the whole should not take more than 5 minutes.
  • Identity verification – it may vary depending on the chosen offer, however, often Customers are faced with a symbolic transfer of USD 1 or USD 1.
  • Short waiting time for money.

And all this – no visits to offices, waiting in queues, making appointments, no tedious collecting of certificates, overwhelming questions of family and employer with phones. You will quickly solve your problems and regain financial balance. A real quick non-bank loan.

What makes the loan offer so attractive?

What makes the loan offer so attractive?

One of the key elements that affect the speed and correctness of settlement of applications is our form – constructed in a way that makes it customer-friendly, while providing the information we need. Our partners can obtain additional information they need about the credibility of the customer, possibly seeking the knowledge – without burdening customers’ obligations to provide any certificates.

The specificity of our offer is also significant – the amount and form of non-bank loans without formalities mean that almost anyone can receive money!

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